Breaking The Taboo [2012]

Breaking the Taboo, [2011] Documentary Film

Breaking the Taboo is a 2011 documentary film about the WAR ON DRUGS. This film recounts the history of the war on drugs, beginning with the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs and explores the conclusion reached by the Global Commission on Drug Policy in 2011, - which indicates that drug liberalisation is the best approach in dealing with drug policy.

Break the Taboo

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Can Decriminalisation Help Reduce Drug Abuse and Organised Crime ?

 Aljazeera Article Here

"Criminalisation is creating a vast black market where it should not exist. When we're talking about things like cannabis, cocaine, heroin, these are minimally processed agricultural commodities. that are very simple to produce and cost in real terms pennies per dose, and yet because we have policies of prohibition and high demand around the world we create an astronomical price support for drug traffickers .... This is a self-inflicted wound that we have imposed upon ourselves."
                                             SanhoTree, director, Drug Policy Project

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